One of Tesla’s great advantages is having its own network of chargers, the Superchargers, around the world. These are preferred points where the brand’s electric cars can be charged, usually at higher speeds than normal.

Superchargers, present in these charging stations, are normally blocked from the brand’s cars. This option appears to be soon to be changed, according to Elon Musk. Tesla’s strongman revealed that Superchargers are open to other brands of electric cars.

Elon Musk Superchargers Tesla Electric Cars

A network of Superchargers spread across the planet

With more than 20,000 Superchargers spread across the planet, Tesla is able to guarantee a unique supply network for its cars. This is normally prohibited to vehicles of other brands, which are thus prevented from loading there.

Tesla had already opened this network to other brands, but without this having had any adhesion or even success. The brands prefer to opt for the other energy supply networks, leaving the proposal of the American brand in form.

Tesla opens chargers to other brands

Second own words Elon Musk that scenario seems to be changing very soon. Responding to a question focused on this topic, Tesla's strongman revealed that the brand's Superchargers are being made accessible to other brands.

Unfortunately Elon Musk has not revealed which brands are working with Tesla to make this use possible. The conditions for ensuring access to these electric cars were also not presented.

Elon Musk Superchargers Tesla Electric Cars

Elon Musk wants other electric cars to use

In the past, Elon Musk had revealed that Tesla's Superchargers could be opened to other brands. However, at the time, it demanded that they take part in the investments that were made in enlargement, which ended up not having any adhesion.

It will be interesting to see how this adaptation will materialize. Brands need to adapt to the connectors offered by Tesla to be truly compatible. On the other hand, and in some regions, this opening will create even greater pressure on shippers who are beginning to have very high occupancy rates.

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