Steve Wozniak is the iconic co-founder of Apple, having created the company with Steve Jobs. And after breaking away from the apple brand, Woz was often involved in controversial and curious situations.

The most recent is that now Wozniak has auctioned some paper sketches and sketches of the Apple II for the modest sum of $ 630,000.

Wozniak has always been a person who is liked or disliked so much. Even because the co-founder of Apple, despite being more reserved, in the past his presence was marked by somewhat controversial statements and actions. Some even quite incendiary, for example when you said that Android was better than the iPhone, or that Apple should launch an iPhone with Android.

In addition to other situations, the co-founder is now making news due to an auction, at least, caricature.

Wozniak auctioned drafts of Apple II for $ 630,000

The Apple II was a computer model manufactured by the apple brand in the late 1970s. The first unit to be sold, on June 10, 1977, featured a MOS Technology 6502 processor, clocked at 1 MHz, 4kB of memory RAM, an interface for audio cassettes and a ROM with BASIC interpreter.

But now, Steve Wozniak has decided to sell paper sketches and sketches of this Apple II for sale. The documents are characterized by containing the initial notes of the Apple II project and, in total, the set contains 23 pages of sketches made by the co-founder for the production of the computer.

The auction was carried out by the auditing company RR Auction, which included other brand products.

The drafts were then sold for an impressive $ 630,275.50, which corresponds to about 520,000 euros.

One of the auctioned pages of the draft for the Apple II (RR Auction)

Along with the notes, Wozniak wrote an authentication letter to prove the authenticity of the material. The sketches also contained information about the screen, among other aspects.

The Apple co-founder explains that “these documents, from about 1975, are my schematics of the Apple II prototype and programming instructions“.

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