Steam is a gaming platform, developed by Valve Corporation that was launched in 2003. This platform is the largest in this segment and has thousands of games available. With the arrival of the new year, Steam broke another record.

According to the data, Valve’s platform surpassed or reached the mark of 25 million simultaneous users.

Record!  Steam exceeds 25 million simultaneous users

With the year 2020 already passed, Steam reached a super record already in 2021. According to the information, yesterday (02.02.2021) 25.4 million users were online simultaneously. At the peak recorded there were 7.4 million users playing. We recall that in March 2020, the platform had reached the record of 20 million players simultaneously on the website (now surpassed).

As you can see from the graph, Steam has also been growing in recent months. Since September, the platform has had more than 20 million accesses, apparently the result of the pandemic, more specifically, of the various confinements that are taking place in many countries.

With the end of the year, the platform also started making some campaigns available. Steam is offering several discounts that can reach 90%. So, take advantage of the campaign until next Tuesday, January 5, 2021.

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