While discounts in SCUTS are still being discussed in Portugal, neighboring Spain has already announced that it will expand the list of free highways. According to recent information, Spain will have another 640 kilometers free. The maintenance of the traffic routes will be in charge of the Spanish state coffers.

Find out which new highways are on the free list.

Spain increases list of free highways in 2021

Parts of the AP-1, AP-7 and AP-4 join the list of free highways

As of 00:00 on September 1, 2021, Spain will have more freeways. According to the information, AP-7, AP-2 and C-32 enter the new list. In total, there will be another 640 km of motorway totally free. It remains to be seen what will be the cost of operating and maintaining these traffic routes, as well as the impact on traffic flow, which will intensify mainly at AP-7.

This process continues what had already been done in previous years, more specifically AP-1 (between Vurgos and Armiñon), some sections of AP-7 and AP-4.

According to the Spanish Ministry of Transport, the elimination of all these tolls will cause many of the vehicles on the roads parallel to the payment routes to choose them for their routes, with the consequent increase in traffic on expressways and the liberalization of conventional roads. This will force new measures to be taken, such as improving connections and adapting the pavement to the new traffic conditions, something that is already being taken into account and is being budgeted for.

In Portugal, discounts for ex-SCUT have already been approved! The reduction in tolls on the A22, A23, A24 and A25 motorways starts in January 2021. Discounts on the Costa de Prata, Grande Porto and Norte Litoral motorways only in July.

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