PlayStation launched on November 19 and left gamers around the world in awe. This is definitely the most awaited console this year and proof of that is the sales success that is being.

According to the latest news, Sony sold 3.4 million copies of the PlayStation 5 in just 4 weeks. And by 2021, about 16 to 18 million units are expected to be delivered.

Even before PlayStation 5 was released, it was already predicted that it would be on the wish list of most players. Even during the pre-sale phase, Sony's console stock had already sold out in stores in several countries, such as the United States.

Recently it was announced that PS5 was the biggest launch in the history of consoles in the USA. That is, in the month of launch, sales of the next-generation console exceeded the amount established by PlayStation 4. In turn, the Americans have already spent more than 35% on games, compared to last year.

Sony sold 3.4 million PlayStation 5 in just 4 weeks

According to recent reports, Sony has already sold 3.4 million copies of its new PS5 console in just the first four weeks it was available. This is thus the highest amount ever achieved by a PlayStation version.

PlayStation 5 image

According to the data released by the Digitimes, the Japanese brand will also ship between 16.8 to 18 million new units in the year 2021. And these deliveries will only be possible due to an increase in supply. Thus, at least the Asian continent will receive many more PlayStation 5 units starting in January.

In short, if you're not able to buy a copy of the new Sony console, don't despair. Next year, more units are expected and you will then be able to fully enjoy all the power offered by the PS5 system.

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