Sony’s new PlayStation 5 has already hit the market to delight gamers of all ages and countries. And certainly many were presented with a copy this Christmas.

According to the information, the Japanese brand has now launched a new driver for the PS5 controller, compatible with the Linux operating system.

New PlayStation 5 controller driver is compatible with Linux

According recent reports, Sony released a new Linux kernel driver called “hid-PlayStation” for the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. This driver also supports other PlayStation hardware on the Linux operating system.

The information indicates that the update supports the PS5 controller in USB and Bluetooth modes. In addition, it also supports motion sensors, LED lights, touchpads, light bars, vibration, among others.

In this sense, when announcing this new driver, Sony intends to transfer part of the hardware support from Sony Interactive Entertainment from the already existing “hid-sony”, to the “hid-PlayStation” driver.

According to the details revealed, the initial configuration of this driver has more than 1,400 lines of code to meet the needs of the PlayStation 5 controller.

PlayStation 5… a long-awaited console worldwide

As much has been reported, Sony's PlayStation 5 was one of the consoles received with the greatest encouragement and expectations from consumers. Alongside this, Microsoft's Xbox Series X was also well received in the video game market.

But Japanese equipment has managed to win over users and has even been considered the biggest US launch of Sony consoles. According to the data, in the month of launch alone, sales of PS5 exceeded the brand established by PlayStation 4. In addition, the amount spent on video games was 35% higher than last year, totaling more than $ 7 billion (~ EUR 6 billion).

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