Sony launched its much-desired PlayStation 5 just over a month ago. The state-of-the-art console has won over kids and grown-ups and has been a real sales success. And it just doesn’t sell anymore because the stock is sold out in several stores in several countries.

On the other hand, the predecessor PlayStation 4 continues to sell well, but perhaps the days are numbered. According to recent information, the brand has already ended most of PS4 production in Japan.

Majority of PS4 production is closed by Sony in Japan

According to the Japanese website Game Watch, Sony announced that the majority of production on the PlayStation 4 models will end. This decision certainly aims to promote the production, demand and purchase of the new PlayStation 5 console. We recall that after brief moments of its launch, on November 19, PS5 was quickly unavailable in several stores around the world.

At Sony page in Japan, it turns out that only the black PlayStation 4 Slim 500 GB is available. The rest, as well as the PlayStation 4 Pro, have been removed.

In other stores, for example in the United States, the PS4 Pro model still appears, however only on the base model does the “buy” button appear. But even this one appears without stock available. In addition, all other colors are unavailable.

At Portugal store, the consoles appear but when you click on the 'Buy Now' option you are returned to the same page.

We recall that PlayStation 4 with the original design has already been discontinued. In this way, the brand offers only the PS4 Slim as a base console since 2016. In turn, the PlayStation 4 Pro version will have its production finished just four years after its launch.

On the other hand, without these consoles on the production line, Sony will then have more availability and budget to invest in the manufacture of the new PlayStation 5. And the players are grateful for the fact that the stores will again have stock.

In addition, some physical stores in Japan are already warning customers that they will no longer receive orders for PS4 500 GB white, PS4 1TB black and white, PS4 2TB black and PS4 Pro 1TB white.

However, even with the completion of these productions, Sony had already announced in July 2020 that PlayStation will continue to offer support and news possibly until 2022. Eric Lempel, Sony's marketing and manager ensures that “PlayStation 4 is part of everything we do, and will continue to be part of everything we do. There is a lot for the console to arrive ”.

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