A year after unveiling its first concept at the CES international technology fair, Sony put its prototype electric vehicle, the Vision-S, on the road for the first time. A new video released by the technology brand shows the car, in camouflage mode, undergoing road tests in Austria, providing a first look at what Sony is developing for this market.

The Vision-S was designed to serve as a showcase for Sony’s autonomous driving and infotainment systems, and there is no indication that this car will actually be put into production. According to the Japanese brand’s boss, Kenichiro Yoshida, the vehicle shows “the contribution that Sony intends to make in a highly advanced society, with autonomous driving”.

In the revealed images, the infotainment system, which occupies the entire width of the dashboard and shows the real-time digital rendering of the surrounding area in which the vehicle is moving, can be seen. There are tabs to give access to different cameras, audio player and other interfaces.

Although it is still not entirely clear whether Sony intends to create its own vehicles or just develop technology for car manufacturers, Yoshida leaves this idea: “I am not exaggerating if I say that mobile was the megatrend of the last decade. I believe that the next megatrend will be mobility ”.

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