Apple is planning to provide its iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 users with a new privacy feature. The feature is ready and has already been tested in the beta version of these versions of the operating system. Thus, with this novelty, companies will be required to request permission before tracking (following) users both in applications and on websites.

Although Apple has not provided details on when this feature will be launched, it appears that the initial foundations are beginning to be implemented.

IOS 14 Apple privacy illustration image

The resource of discord

Facebook is the voice that rises against this tool from Apple. In fact, it has motivated several types of initiatives, from “bad publicity” attempted on the cover of newspapers in the USA, reinforcement of support in struggles against Apple, to direct opinions to the CEO of the Cupertino company. All because this feature will pass control of the tracking of user activities to the user’s hand.

As we have already seen, the social media giant is afraid that the revenue drop may be 50%.

But what is it all about?

The privacy feature in question is twofold. First, users will be able to access the privacy controls in the Settings application in the “Privacy” menu. Here, users will be able to see which applications need permission to enable tracking and to revoke or grant permission when needed.

Picture of the Apple privacy tracking alert on iOS 14

Users will also see a pop-up message when they open an app for the first time after implementing this feature. In addition, users will also see notification of new applications, as well as those they already have on their devices. This pop-up is where companies like Facebook can explain to users why they should enable tracking.

Although this tool has already been implemented on iOS 14, it has not yet been activated for the general public. However, some users are already seeing the tracking alert on their iPhone, although it is only for certain applications. For example, a user received a pop-up when opening the NBA app. This notice said that the app was asking for permission “to track its activity on other companies’ applications and websites”.

Apple will launch the privacy feature only for the year 2021

Apple originally expected to launch this new privacy feature as part of iOS 14 in September. However, it ended up delaying the release, allowing developers more time to prepare. So, we will see this feature in the next year 2021.

As it was seen, the first appearance of this feature appeared in the iOS 14.4 beta last week, after the stable release of iOS 14.3 for everyone. Based on the precedent, iOS 14.4 is expected to be released to everyone sometime in January, at the very least.

However, some iOS users are reporting that they saw this pop-up on iOS 14.3 and iOS 14.2. This may mean that it is a server-side change that Apple is in the process of implementing or that certain programmers have started to implement the feature before an official “release”.

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