Throughout the week marked by the assault on the Capitol and in the face of Donald Trump’s response to the incident, several online platforms have decided to take more “tighter” measures in relation to the outgoing president’s accounts.

After Twitter permanently banned Donald Trump’s account on January 8, Snapchat decided to make the same decision, closing it, however, from the next 20th, the date when Joe Biden will take office as the new president of the U.S.

The social network had already blocked the account last week, in the aftermath of the incident that caused the death of at least 5 people and that temporarily suspended the rectification of Joe Biden’s victory. Now, in a statement to the international press, a Snapchat spokesman explained that the company has been analyzing the situation again, trying to understand its long-term impact on the user community.

“Caring for the interest of public safety and based on its [Donald Trump] attempts to disseminate false information, hate speech and calls for violence, which are clear violations of our policies, we decided to permanently ban your account ”, details the company.

According to sources to which the Axios website had access, the outgoing president’s account had been breaking Snapchat’s rules regarding disinformation and glorification of violent acts in recent months. After each incident, the social media team immediately removed the content in question before it could gain visibility among users.

Still in June last year, due to the height of protest protests against the action of the US government in the face of police brutality in the country, Snapchat had already begun to limit the visibility of Donald Trump’s account.

Snapchat had indicated that, while keeping the account intact, the Discovery section of the application would stop promoting any publications or content it created. “We will not expand the voices that incite racial violence and injustice, offering them free promotion”, underlined the company.

In response, Brad Parscale, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, accused Snap of trying to influence this year’s presidential election in a way that “promotes Joe Biden and suppresses the President”. The manager referred to Evan Spiegel as the “radical Snapchat CEO”, accusing him of using the platform to “promote videos of riots from the extreme left and encourage users to destroy the United States”.

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