Nowadays, basically everything we can imagine already has a smart version. And bicycle helmets are no exception! For this reason, the iServices has just launched a smart helmet, with LED lights, which make it easier to identify the presence of cyclists on the road.

Find out how this smart helmet works.

Smart Helmet: The smart helmet for cyclists

The smart helmet that makes flashes and STOP

The design of the Smart Helmet is very conventional, but its biggest highlight is the technology incorporated. This helmet helps the cyclist to signal very simply, with the movement of his head, whenever he is going to perform any curve or maneuver.

When making the signal with the head, the sensors located on the sides of the helmet detect the movement and activate the warning lights. Another particularity is that when the brake is used, all the rear lights of the helmet turn red, to indicate a slowdown in speed.

The helmet is resistant and waterproof. All electronic components are sealed, for use in rain, snow and fog conditions and the unisex size fits most adults' heads (54 to 62 cm).

Smart Helmet: Smart helmet for cyclists on sale in Portugal

The helmet is sold in two different colors, white or blue, has a rechargeable battery with up to 10 hours of autonomy, is resistant and has undergone several safety tests to protect the rider well in case of an accident.

The helmet can be purchased on here and is currently running a launch campaign. The usual price is € 129.95, but can be purchased for € 99.95.

Smart Helmet

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