Lately a lot is heard about cold. Being in the middle of winter, nothing is more normal than these days of snow, frost and very cold. Because of these cold days, 10 years ago, the Portuguese, in their homes, did not consume so much electricity. Keeping the houses comfortable is essential, especially at a time when you are (obligatorily) spending so much time at home.

If you are in need of a new heater or some equipment that will help keep your home more comfortable at this time, we have suggestions.

Smart and technologically advanced appliances to accompany your winter

Smartmi Graphene (DNQGRH08ZM9)

Smartmi Graphene is a graphene heater that offers better energy efficiency and thermal conductivity 10 times higher than the most common solutions. The maximum consumption is 2200W.

With an integrated thermometer, it is able to assess the temperature of the space and turn it on and off according to the temperature defined by the user.

Smart and technologically advanced appliances to accompany your winter - Smartmi Graphene

In addition, it is IPX4 certified and can be used safely, for example, in the bathroom. There is also a bar where clothes can be extended, both for heating and drying more quickly.

The Smartmi heater DNQGRH08ZM Graphene is available for about 115 €, using the discount code BGDNQGRH08ZM. Shipping is done from European warehouse, with fast delivery and not subject to additional fees.

Smartmi Graphene

Smartmi Electric Heater (ZNNFJ07ZM)

The Smartmi Electric Heater already has a slightly lower consumption (2000W). Its vertical structure allows the heat to be dissipated at 90º, since the base is rotating.

This is also no longer suitable for the humid environment of a bathroom, but it is ideal for any other room. This product can be controlled via the app, from any location. So, if you are getting ready to go home or go from the bedroom to the office, you can heat the room even before you get there, making it more comfortable.

Smart and technologically advanced appliances to accompany your winter

The Smartmi heater ZNNFJ07ZM Electric Heater is available for 107 €, with the discount code BG07ZMFRT.

Smartmi Electric Heater

Xiaomi Mijia CJSJSQ01DY - humidifier

And because heaters tend to make the air too dry, humidifiers are essential. Too dry air is not healthy for our breathing and there are diseases that can get worse in these conditions.

Therefore, we also suggest a Xiaomi product that will help to improve air quality. With sensors that measure air humidity, this Xiaomi Mijia CJSJSQ01DY will release water vapors, only in the quantities necessary for the comfort of people in space.

Smart and technologically advanced appliances to accompany your winter

The Xiaomi Mijia CJSJSQ01DY humidifier is available for about € 54 (code BGQ01DYCZ).

Xiaomi Mijia CJSJSQ01DY

BlitzWolf BW-SH1 - ultrasonic humidifier and diffuser

This BlitzWolf product, in addition to the humidifier function, can also be used as a diffuser of essential oils. There is a wide choice of essential oils that help the environment to be conducive to certain activities, whether for rest, or for work, which is increasingly done from home.

With a water tank it is possible to work for 13 hours. It is available with an adaptable light in 7 colors, but all control of the BlitzWolf BW-SH1 is done physically, through a touch panel.

The BlitzWolf BW-SH1 ultrasonic humidifier and diffuser is priced at € 21.47, with the discount code BGSH1ESD. Shipping is fast and free, therefore, from the warehouse in Spain.

BlitzWolf BW-SH1

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