Today’s cars are equipped with different sensors inside and outside. There are parking assist sensors, sensors associated with lighting, airbag sensors, seat belt detection sensor, among others.

What if all of these sensors were replaced by a single one? This is possible through a small “4D radar” chip.

Small chip "4D radar" can replace multiple sensors in a car

“4D radar” systems are not exactly a new issue in Pplware. As mentioned here, Arbe Robotics describes its new 4D radar system as being able to convert, process and store raw data in real time. In addition, it is able to maintain low energy consumption simultaneously.

The processing chip of the new 4D radar system generates up to 48 upload channels, along with 48 download channels. In this way, they generate 30 frames per second of a 4D image. In addition, the system has a processing capacity equivalent to 3 Tb / sec.

With this change to a new 4D radar system, the radar range of a Tesla electric vehicle would almost double to 300 meters.

Vayyar “4D radar” chip… small but powerful!

The company Vayyar says the chip has the ability to replace all sensors inside a car. This chip can detect cars up to 500 meters away and people up to 200 meters away. For this purpose, in practice, 3D maps are built, with the variable time being the fourth dimension. In this way it is possible to evaluate the entire space in small periods of time.

As mentioned, a single chip can replace the sensors in the airbags, the weight control in the seat, the presence of children, etc.

Small chip "4D radar" can replace multiple sensors in a car

The construction of this chip was based on Phased Array Antenna technology that is used in cutting-edge military systems (for example, F-35). Being a single sensor, it also facilitates its programming and integration into the vehicle.

In addition, this new chip can also lead to the development of new functions, such as gesture control.

Small chip "4D radar" can replace multiple sensors in a car

Vayyar says that this chip may be present in several cars, regardless of its segment.

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