The position in which Facebook placed WhatsApp is creating widespread unease among users of this messaging service. The rules have changed and now your data is clearly being forwarded to Facebook.

Whoever does not agree with this change will be blocked out of service and thus prevented from using it. The logical movement of users seems to have already started and the proof of that is the rise of Telegram and Signal in smartphone app stores.

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WhatsApp has already started losing users

From what has been seen, the obvious choice of WhatsApp users is in Signal and Telegram. These are the 2 apps that guarantee the security and privacy that users need and want to exchange messages.

Several apps have tried to reach everyone who is planning the move, always using the argument of privacy and the way data is being stored and transmitted. The truth is that they should not be the intended alternative, even though they can be used for communication.

Signal already dominates in app stores

After problems with registering new users, which quickly ended up being resolved, users seem not to have slowed down to test these two apps. This movement is widespread and can be seen in all markets where the Play Store and the App Store are present.

Countries like the USA, UK, Brazil and even Portugal already have Signal and Telegram as apps most installed. In the case of our country, as can be seen in the images below, Signal already dominates in the App Gallery and is near the top in the Play Store.

Telegram is also growing on smartphones

Telegram is behaving similarly and is expected to rise further. We have this app in the 3rd position of the App Store and in the 5th position of the Play Store. Interestingly, and in the case of Android, the app is at the top, which allows you to store and consult your cards.

Of course, at the end of this movement we have the fall of WhatsApp. This is not visible in these tables, but it will eventually be quantifiable. The number of users is expected to stagnate and even decline with time.

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