The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has named the German Siemens “Official Supplier of Urban Mobility Promotion Solutions”. Following this choice of who is the governing body of world motorsport events and the federation of the world’s leading automotive organizations, Siemens will develop a software solution toolkit for FIA member clubs that will allow them to take an approach based on evidence and the implementation of mobility policies and strategies.

“Mobility patterns are evolving at a rapid pace, which requires us to rethink the way our transport networks are built,” says Andrew McKellar, FIA’s secretary general for automotive and tourism mobility. “Our global community of member clubs will be able to take advantage of Siemens know-how to explore additional ways to optimize transport and mobility solutions for various geographic areas, helping to ensure the security, efficiency and sustainability of mobility in the future.”

The FIA ​​Mobility Advocate, maintained by the FIA ​​Innovation Fund, aims to use innovative software platforms, integrated in Siemens Mobility and Siemens Digital Industries Software Intelligent Traffic Systems, for implementation in various locations. The project will have several pilot phases underway in different cities around the world to validate this toolkit and apply it in different mobility scenarios and geographic scales in response to various urban mobility objectives.

“We are very excited about this opportunity to collaborate with the FIA. Siemens Mobility will help cities stay ahead of trends, allowing them to better understand how electric, autonomous and connected vehicles will affect transportation in cities in the future, “said Marc Buncher, CEO of Siemens Mobility, Inc.

This project reinforces Siemens’ connection with the FIA ​​and draws on knowledge and innovation in digital technology to improve convenience, security, efficiency, viability, accessibility and reliability, in addition to responding to global megatrends and changes in consumer behavior.

Last year, FIA and Siemens worked together to improve safety in rally events, exploring how pedestrian detection technology in autonomous vehicles could be used to identify spectators in dangerous locations, facilitating the work of rally organizers and making decisions to avoid accidents.

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