For those who decide, in their New Year’s resolutions, to start saving or become a more smart, we have prepared the 2021 sales calendar which will help you choose the right times, throughout the year, to get the best deals on certain products.

But … Very calm at that time! Taking advantage of sales and promotions is also an excellent opportunity to optimize costs before spending all your money. The secret is simple and lies in the way you organize yourself to spend your money. When using promotions and enjoying the benefits of your credit cards, such as cashback, air miles, points and discounts, you can have twice the savings.

You can then start planning your expenses and save a lot of time and money. There will always be unexpected campaigns and occasional promotions, but with this forecast you can take good care of your money for the next 12 months.

January: the month of great post-Christmas promotions

balances and promotions january

The first month of the year is typically the one when there are big discounts on clothes (do you still remember the time when you waited for January to go on sale?) And everything that relates to the home: furniture, decoration and appliances .

In addition to the savings associated with discount cards, there are a thousand and one ways to save on clothing: either taking advantage of the sale season or buying certain second-hand items or even buying online (through platforms like Springkode, for example, it is possible to buy designer clothing directly from textile factories).

February: time to plan your vacation

February sales and promotions

It seems early to plan a summer vacation, but the truth is that February is usually a month when travel agencies do great deals on cruises – for those who enjoy this type of trip, it is the ideal month to book. This is also the month of discounts associated with Valentine’s Day getaways (February 14).

If you really want to book a trip in February, check that your credit card no longer includes a free travel insurance – this way, it avoids duplication of costs when contracting the insurance that the agency offers you.

Please note, however, that in order to benefit from your card’s travel insurance you will have to pay for the trip in full with it.

March: is the month to take care of you

March sales and promotions

Approaching the arrival of spring, March is full of great promotions in the area of ​​Aesthetics. It is the ideal month to go to the SPA to have that relaxing massage or take advantage of the campaigns of the beauty centers and perfumeries.

And if you can add the discounts included on your credit card to existing promotions, even better. For example, the card WiZink Rewards offers discounts at esthetic establishments, such as BodyConcept, DepilConcept, Clinicas Persona and Perfumes & Companhia.

April: “thousand discounts”

April sales and promotions

In April 2021, Easter Sunday falls on the 4th, so this is a month in which there will be mainly promotions in supermarkets associated with food products.

Do not forget yet that in April you should foresee (and save for this) the payment of the IMI, which happens the following month.

It may also be worthwhile to transfer your loan to save on the monthly fee.

May: compare telecommunications

In the month before the beginning of summer, discounts on mobile phones abound at the various retailers.

Take advantage of World Telecommunication Day (May 17) to compare existing TV Net Voz packages and see if it pays off switch operator.

June: reading and exercising will get cheaper

June sales and promotions

Every year, in June, the Book Fair takes place in Lisbon, an event that has more than 500 editorial brands offering discounts (often for less than half the original price) on books.

Given the context of this event, retailers in the editorial area also usually run several promotional campaigns in literature this month. It is, therefore, the right time of the year to catch up on book purchases for the rest of the year (or even to offer).

In addition, given the arrival of summer, the gyms also take advantage of this month to make their promotions in the registrations and packs of fitness classes. Take advantage of the height to stay in shape.

Also check if your health insurance has a bonus for playing sports regularly – you can have a reduction in the annual premium if you present the gym bill.

July: accommodation deals

July sales and promotions

July is usually the month when summer holidays are paid for, so you should take advantage of all travel-related discounts this month.

Our advice: change the air miles from your credit card for free travel and benefit from discounts on hotel chains associated with the card.

With credit card Wizink Flex you can take advantage of discounts in hotels and inns, for example, in the Vila Galé and Pestana groups and in Pousadas de Portugal.

August: summer sales

In addition to being the peak holiday season, August is the month of the so-called “summer sales”, a time when clothing, footwear and accessories brands make numerous promotions in their summer collections so that they can then start -winter season.

Take the opportunity to use and abuse loyalty cards in your favorite stores to save even more and don’t forget the benefit of cashback to get back a percentage of what you spend on your credit card.

September: here comes the rentrée

After the well-deserved rest on summer vacation, here comes the back to school and, with this, a whole series of expenses with children’s clothing – the tracksuits for the Physical Education classes, the coats for the winter days … -, with the manuals and with all the school supplies – notebooks, pencils, etc. .

The same applies to university students starting a new semester and who will need to pay tuition fees, technical books, photocopies, etc.

Those looking for financing to study need to be aware of the so-called “credit training”, a specific loan modality for those who want to invest in their training and who have very attractive conditions.

October: the month of the automobile

October sales and promotions

Did you know that October is usually the month of the year when most cars are sold? It is also the time when there are more discounts on cars of previous ranges and when the prices of accessories for the vehicle are more accessible.

Take the opportunity to review the amount you pay for your car insurance and assess whether you have the best option.

November: a month of technology opportunities

November sales and promotions

Practically a month before Christmas, two big moments full of discounts appear in the technology market: Black Friday, which takes place on November 26, in 2021, and Cyber ​​Monday, which takes place on November 29, immediately thereafter.

While Black Friday occurs in physical stores, Cyber ​​Monday, in turn, applies only to e-commerce, that is, for purchases made online. It is a good opportunity to purchase that new television or a computer.

Don’t forget to protect your new gadgets with insurance for electronic equipment and a purchase protection plan (which may be included free of charge on your credit card).

You can also take advantage of attractive offers when signing up for certain credit cards, such as the card Unibanco Attitude.

December: optimizing spending during the holiday season is the best way to save

December sales and promotions

We well know how the month of December brings countless expenses: Christmas gifts, shopping at the supermarket for supper and right after that comes New Year’s Eve. If it is not well managed, this is the stage of the year that can even ruin the wallet.

However, at the same time, it is also a month full of promotions – especially on toys for the little ones – and discounts on the 26th of December.

Our advice: make Christmas purchases using a credit card with cashback so you can get back much of what you spent.

6 tips for learning to buy responsibly

# 1 – Don’t rush

We know that discounts after Christmas can excite consumers, but there is no point in buying everything and anything at the beginning of the year, because excellent opportunities will arise over time.

# 2 – Compare before you buy

Do you really need that product? Evaluate your options at various establishments and compare prices. Buy what you really need.

# 3 – Take advantage of your credit card discounts

Note that when you buy a promotional product that you don’t need, you are not saving, but spending on a discount, so it is better to take advantage of the discounts that your credit card provides you, for example.

# 4 – Check your effort rate

If your total credit card payments already amount to 30% of your income, be careful, as you are in debt.

# 5 – Take the opportunity to buy items you need

Purchase useful items: work clothes and long-lasting goods – products that are used almost every day.

# 6 – Manage your expenses well

We recommend that you take advantage of sales and promotions to buy the products you need, especially during the first quarter of the year and then use the following quarter to recover from these expenses.

Sale 2021: what has changed?

Until 2015, there were times for price cuts (there were specific times in winter and summer for that purpose).

However, the existence of these specific dates was prohibited by law and now all traders can make balances at the time they think is most convenient for their business. Better for consumers. Hence it will always be useful to have this calendar of sales and promotions for 2021 on hand.

Nowadays, and more and more, the stores themselves already make life easier for customers and give them countless advantages in purchases through credit cards that allow them to pay in stages and that grant discounts, free shipping, cashback and vouchers.

In addition to you, your children can also use promotions at different times of the year, especially in the summer, to enjoy the various music festivals, and in September, when returning to school, when it becomes necessary to buy all the material school.

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