The second day of the bidding phase of the 5G auction for new entrants registered six rounds, which allowed for a cash inflow of more than 60 million euros, according to information published on Anacom’s website.

“The second day of rounds of the bidding phase for new entrants to the auction for the allocation of rights of use of frequencies in the 900 MHz and 1,800 MHz bands ended on December 23, 2020”, says the Autoridade Nacional de Comunicações (Anacom) .

In total, “six rounds took place” in the bands that have frequency reserved for new entrants.

The bidding for the 1,800 MHz band had the base price defined [preço de reserva] by Anacom the four million euros, but the price went up and three lots were offered for 10.403 million euros, which totals 31.209 million euros.

In the 900 MHz band, a lot was tendered for 30 million euros.

Thus, the total inflow of the second bidding day for new entrants was 61.209 million euros.

On the first day of the fifth generation auction for new entrants, the cash flow had been more than 49 million euros.

The final amount allocated to the auction depends on the lots that are allocated during the process and whether they are acquired at the reserve price, with Anacom pointing to revenues of around 237.9 million euros.

According to the auction rules, the rounds “take place on business days, between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm”.

As to who bid, there is no official information, although Másmóvil has announced that it will participate through Nowo, but so far has made no comments on the matter.

New entrants can benefit from national roaming access to the networks of operators already installed, regardless of the quality of spectrum they acquire, according to the conditions of the auction.

Meo (Altice Portugal), NOS and Vodafone Portugal submitted applications, as well as Dense Air.

The process has been widely contested by historic operators, involving legal proceedings, precautionary measures and complaints to Brussels, considering that the regulation has “illegal” and “discriminatory” measures, which encourages divestment.

5G licenses will be awarded during the first quarter of next year, in full Portuguese presidency of the European Union.

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