The time of year has come when companies present the innovative solutions they have been working on over the past few months. The CES 2021 technology fair has already started and Samsung is one of the brands to be talked about: the South Korean brand has developed a robot capable of serving drinks at home or catching laundry.

It is a combination of a butler and a cleaning employee powered by artificial intelligence and who can also put dirty dishes in the machine, set the table or open a bottle of wine. According to The Verge, it’s called Bot Handy and its purpose is to be the user’s extension in the kitchen, living room or any other room where an extra hand is needed.

For now, however, it is a prototype in the testing phase and there is no expected launch date or associated price. According to Samsung, Bot Handy is still in development.

As for the appearance of this robot, the brand bet on a tall and thin structure that resembles a column in black and white. He has two digital eyes and changes his expression as he moves around the house. It also has an arm with tweezers at the end that helps you to perform the tasks you are proposing.

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