Samsung has dominated the smartphone market for many years, leaving the competition behind. This has reacted, changing the secondary places of the table, but the truth is that the South Korean company does not take off from the top.

According to information now revealed, Samsung may have a big sales drop in 2020. This will be the first time in 9 years that the company will not meet its goal of growth and increased sales.

Samsung sales growth smartphones devices

Samsung sales may fall

Sales of Samsung smartphones have dominated the market for many years. Its range of proposals is broad and therefore the brand has achieved sales figures well above its direct competitors.

Apparently this trend will be slowed in 2020, with Samsung failing to overcome the barrier of 300 million smartphones placed on the market. The data are not official, but come from South Korea, where Samsung is originally from.

Samsung sales growth smartphones devices

Smartphone growth stops in 9 years

The figures presented point out that this value is far from the target of 300 million smartphones, and it is pointed out that it should reach 270 million units. In the last quarter, the accumulated sales was already 189 million smartphones.

Although the causes for this probable decrease in sales are not pointed out, everything points to these being related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the impact it had. The confinement has led many to postpone switching smartphones.

Samsung sales growth smartphones devices

New devices to increase the market in 2021

Samsung's plans for 2021 point to sales of around 307 million units. To achieve these values ​​it will expand the 5G to its range of mid-range and entry-level smartphones. You will also bet on foldable smartphones.

With the new Galaxy S21 soon to arrive, Samsung will certainly recover sales from other years. 2020 was a year that affected many of its competitors and that is why this novelty turns out to be normal, although it was not expected.

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