Samsung is one of the strongest brands in the smartphone market. The South Korean company has a wide range of launched phones, and many more to be developed to reach consumers in the beginning of the year.

But now a recent brand patent shows a futuristic smartphone with a hidden front camera.

The smartphone market is full of equipment from various brands and intended for different types of consumers. But the truth is that it is also a bit saturated and, thus, manufacturers start to define strategies to offer users some different detail and that can lead them to choose their equipment.

The folding phones came to give a breath of fresh air, bringing a necessary reinvention, but they are expensive products and, as such, are not accessible to all pockets. In this sense, brands have registered some interesting patents with ideas for different smartphones for the future.

Samsung patent shows smartphone with hidden front camera

Samsung Electronics asked the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) a patent which he titled “Equipment including sub-displays and operating methods”. The patent describes a mobile phone whose front camera can be hidden by changing the screen layer. The patent document was approved and published on December 24.

According to the patent, the phone also has support for the S Pen. We remind you that it is Samsug's goal then to extend the support of your pen to more equipment, namely the next type of Galaxy S21 range.

The website LetsGoDigital is of the opinion that this equipment is similar to those that Samsung has already accustomed us to. But it has the particularity that, when the user does not need to take a picture, the front camera and the LED flash are hidden. But when the camera is needed, the screen gives way to a high quality lens.

For this to be possible, the phone has a transparent area in the upper central area. The secondary display layer (sub-display) is under this transparent area. In this part, a dual camera lens, iris sensor and common lens, and the LED flash are integrated. Samsung intends to move this secondary layer and the transparent area through an integrated module.

When the camera is not needed, the screen normally displays other data such as the time and the phone's battery status.

This system will be automatic, but it can also be activated manually by the user, through a slider next to the on / off button.

Without a doubt, this detail gives a futuristic touch to the equipment. But, like several other patents, it is not known whether this project could become a reality or, on the contrary, will be closed 'in the drawer'.

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