As promised when it launched, Android 11 is already coming to Samsung devices. This happens with One UI 3.0, which has already started to be released for various devices globally and certainly in general.

Samsung seems to have been anticipating the arrival of One UI 3.0 and has now done so again. This time it’s on one of their latest smartphones, the Galaxy S20 FE. This smartphone can also have access to the latest features.

Samsung One UI 3.0 Galaxy S20 FE Android 11 news

A surprise that arrives at the Galaxy S20 FE

The Galaxy S20 FE is one of Samsung's latest and most successful proposals. Arriving on the market in September, it quickly showed that it was an alternative to the brand's most expensive equipment, also offering excellent performance.

It is precisely this smartphone that is receiving a very important news from Samsung. Android 11 finally arrives, through One UI 3.0, with all the news that Google created, allied to what Samsung put in its personalization.

Samsung One UI 3.0 Galaxy S20 FE Android 11 news

Samsung brought the One UI 3.0 earlier

Interestingly, and as with the Galaxy S20, this version arrived earlier on this smartphone. It was prepared to be launched in 1 or 2 months, but Samsung decided to anticipate its arrival, showing its stability.

For now it is available on the Russian market, but is expected to later be extended to the rest of Europe and other countries nearby. This version is marked with the code G780FXXU1BTL1 and also includes the December security update from Google.

Samsung One UI 3.0 Galaxy S20 FE Android 11 news

Also comes Android 11 and its news

Of course, when bringing Android 11, One UI 3.0 has many new features for the user. There are changes in the interface, complemented by the ones that Samsung added, the arrival of conversations in the notification area, dedicated multimedia controls and much more.

The arrival of this update to the Galaxy S20 FE is proof that Samsung is certainly committed to bringing Android 11 to its smartphones. The agenda of One UI 3.0 is outlined and comes to help prove that this new version of Android is the one that was most quickly brought to smartphones.

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