After some delays and problems in production, Apple managed to launch the iPhone 12, in its various models. The expectation was high, especially with regard to sales and performance, especially in a period when the market fell.

The initial figures pointed to a success compared to previous models and has been confirmed. Now, and from an independent source, there is information that sales of the new iPhone are well above what the previous model will have achieved in the first few weeks.

iPhone 12 previous Apple model sales

IPhone 12 sales have grown since launch

Since Apple failed to reveal its sales figures, it is not possible to quantify the iPhone's performance in the smartphone market. All figures are the result of market analysis and values ​​obtained from distribution chains and suppliers.

Even without these key and important values, the sales figures for the iPhone 12 have continued to emerge and reveal that this will be another success story. It should already be the best-selling 5G smartphone on the market, although everything points to the bet on the base model and the Pro Max.

They have surpassed those of the previous model

A new analysis by Counterpoint reveals that sales data for the iPhone 12 continues to rise and that it must have surpassed that of the previous model, the iPhone 11. These data refer to the US market, but surely reflect the rest, according to available information.

The data presented compare sales performance in the first 6 weeks between the iPhone 12 and the previous model. The 2020 model dominated in all of them, with the exception of the second week, where it fell 38% compared to the accumulated 1 year.

iPhone 12 previous Apple model sales

Apple expects to grow and should increase production

There are some key moments to highlight, such as the arrival of the models in the market at 2 different times, and Black Friday. Counterpoint analysts expect these sales figures to remain so that next year's sales will continue to rise for Apple and the iPhone.

These values ​​are expected to represent a 21% growth over the previous year. Apple will be anticipating this increase in sales and therefore should increase production of the iPhone during the first half of 2021.

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