The bill in question targets platforms such as Facebook and YouTube, which, according to the authors, has increasingly tightened the siege on content of Russian origin.

The proposal argues that social networks “involved in the violation of fundamental human rights and the freedoms and rights of Russian citizens” should be added to a black list. If it becomes law, this project will give authorities the power to block Russian users from accessing these platforms, partially or totally.

Anton Gorelkin, a Russian parliamentarian, adds that social networks that block Russian media content can still be punished with fines.

Note that the document was approved in the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, so it has yet to pass through the highest parliamentary body, officially called the Federation Council.

This year, both Facebook and Twitter claimed that there were several disinformation campaigns under way, carried out by Russian entities. In response, both platforms tightened their grip on this type of content, and the criteria for its elimination tightened as the US presidential election approached.

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