Within the universe created by Microsoft in the world of games, one of the highlights is, without a doubt, the Xbox Game Pass. After all, this service guarantees access to a library with incredible games, for a monthly payment that is not at all expensive.

And as the Game Pass has already proven to be a great success, the Redmond company keeps investing in it, bringing new games and other surprises. In fact, according to some rumors that have taken over the web in recent days, it seems that the new plans of the technology giant, for the service, are very audacious … let’s understand this story?

All major publishers on the Game Pass?

Due to all the success made by the Xbox Game Pass, it is not surprising that the service ends up being the target of many rumors. However, in the last few days, some information ended up drawing greater attention among fans of electronic games.

In this regard, reports from people known to reveal Microsoft secrets indicated that the company’s plans include relying on games from all major publishers within the Xbox Game Pass.

That is, just as happened with the arrival of EA Play to the service, the idea is to have other giants in the world of games, such as Ubisoft, Rockstar, Blizzard … in short, the reports say that Microsoft is in contact with all major publishers.

That information goes against a rumor that gained strength at the end of last year and pointed out that the Ubisoft + service would become part of the Xbox Game Pass in 2021.

Obviously, all these speculations have not been confirmed by Microsoft and, therefore, we have to consider them as if they were mere rumors. However, it is very likely that this story has an “ounce of truth”.

Anyway, if other games from other giant publishers reach the service, the Game Pass will reach another level and consolidate, even more solidly, the status of the best subscription service in the gaming world.

And will we still have Hades?


In addition to the rumors related to major publishers, it is worth mentioning that some reports also pointed out that Microsoft is in contact with certain indie studios. In this case, the biggest highlight goes to a story related to the incredible Hades.

Yes! According to some information, Hades, which is not yet available for Microsoft consoles, is on its way to the Xbox ecosystem. And the most interesting thing is that this debut can happen directly on the Game Pass.

This is another rumor, of course, but we can’t help but be excited. Hades was one of the biggest surprises of 2020 and Supergiant Games has other great titles that would make the Game Pass library even more powerful.

In short, there has not yet been any confirmation from Microsoft about these stories, but all the rumors indicate that the future of the Xbox Game Pass has everything to be even brighter. So, I think it is interesting to keep an eye on the news. To the next…

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