Samsung is apparently working on a new Chromebook. The company launched a first model in early 2020 and, according to an image published by Evan Blass (@evleaks, on Twitter), there is already a second edition in development.

The image shows us a computer quite similar to the first Galaxy Chromebook, so in the design chapter, we are unlikely to find major differences from its predecessor.

As for the technical specifications, Blass does not add any details, since it is a purely visual leak.

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At the time of launch, the critic pointed to the autonomy of the device as the main weakness, since it was difficult to even reach the four o’clock mark. One of the reasons for this weakness lies in the 4K resolution screen, which despite being a good selling point, ends up consuming a lot of energy to the device.

In a different way, we emphasize only the layout of the entrance doors, since even the colors are the same (silver and orange), although this time the Chromebook is monochrome.

It should also be remembered that the Galaxy Chromebook 1 had a base price of $ 999.

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