Even in the midst of a pandemic, CES this year remains the stage for the presentation of many new and innovative technologies. And many of them deserve to be disclosed.

This is the case of Moley Robotic Kitchen, a robotic kitchen capable of making over 5,000 recipes. But beyond that, it still cleans itself entirely.

In the technological segment, there are millions of fantastic ideas around the world. Some amateurs, and others more professional, but most of them aim to bring the consumer the best experience capable of making their lives easier. Namely in everyday tasks.

CES is one of the most chosen events for companies to present their ideas, concepts and projects. Thus, at CES 2021, several new technologies have been revealed. From the smallest gadgets to the most elaborate equipment.

Moley Robotic Kitchen: the kitchen that makes over 5,000 recipes alone

One such idea, and perhaps the most extravagant of all, is Moley Robotic Kitchen. It is a robotic kitchen that has several robotic arms capable of preparing more than 5,000 recipes. All this from the beginning to the end, without any need for human action.

But this technology is not just a prototype presented at an event. This kitchen is completely real and is already on sale on the company's website Moley.

The robotic arms can open the fridge, get things from the cupboards and choose the right utensils. But they are also able to adjust the temperature of the stove and stir the ingredients until the meal is ready.

See Moley Robotic Kitchen in action:

According to Moley:

The Moley Robotics system does not cook like a machine. It captures human skills in motion. Tim Anderson, a culinary innovator and winner of the prestigious MasterChef competition in 2011, played a key role in the development of robotic cuisine, with his cooking techniques recorded in 3D and then translated into elegant digital movements through personalized algorithms.

Chefs Nicole Pisani and Andrew Clarke also collaborated on the creation of a tasting menu consisting of 30 different dishes. However, Moley's full menu includes more than 5,000 recipes. But the user can add his inventions through software designed to 'teach' the robot.

In short, if you fell in love with this cuisine, know that it does not have a concrete price. The value is defined according to the materials to the taste and needs of each client.

The consumer chooses everything from surfaces, colors, materials and textures. You can opt for robotic help, or dispense with this advanced technology. But even without the robot, there are several interesting news.

The smart refrigerator, for example, alerts you when food is close to expiration dates. And also when it is necessary to buy some missing food.

Robot Kitchen is the result of six years of research and development, together with the collaboration of 100 engineers and interior designers. The robotic arms were designed in partnership with SCHUNK.

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