Returnal is an exclusive Playstation, under development by the Housemarque studios, and is generating strong expectations.

It is a science fiction title that received a new trailer. Come and see him.

As stated here, the motto of the game is: “Break the cycle of chaos on an ever-changing hostile alien planet.”And reveals a little of what the game will have to offer.

That's because the game puts our character, pilot Selene, in an endless loop, on a strange planet (Atropos), hostile and constantly changing.

In this new trailer for Returnal completely localized in Portuguese, you can see a little of its gameplay captured on a PlayStation 5 and get to know some of the perfect weapons, supernatural tools and dangerous powers that the studio will equip players to survive in Returnal.

Endless loop

Returnal's story begins after our pilot (Selene) is forced to land on a strange and ever-changing planet, Atropos.

So Selene will have to investigate this desolate planet in search of a way to escape and for that, she finds a succession of traces of an ancient civilization that can help her.

However, living and surviving on this planet is difficult and, over and over again, Selene will be forced to restart her journey. Whenever he dies, the adventure (cycle) starts again but ... it starts differently.

As we will discover when the game is released on March 19, the items at our disposal change as the planet itself changes. Each cycle offers new combinations, forcing the player to overcome his limits and recreate himself. This, because the dangers and enemies will be different and with different behaviors and as such the player will find himself in combat with different strategies.

However, Selene also has some problems on her part and as we progress in the game, we will have the possibility to join several fragments of Selene's memories, thus helping to discover many answers to many questions that the game raises.

There is also a mystery associated with this planet and the ancient civilization that left it that will whet the players' appetite, and leading them to want more, more and more… More importantly, with our discoveries of this civilization, we can find alien technology that will be important for us in the following cycles.

Created to have a high level of repeatability, the world that is always different from Returnal invites us to face defeat head-on and to face new challenges with each rebirth.

In Returnal we wanted to mix different styles of play"Said Harry Krueger, Creative Director at Housemarque, adding that the title was created"to be a challenging and rewarding experience, with enough variety and depth that players always come back for 'one more try'”.

Returnal explores the new generation of consoles to the fullest. For example, players will be able, among other things, to jump through portals between worlds with the PlayStation 5's ultra-fast system, and return to action with almost instant loading speeds, so they don't have to wait for a restart when they die. They can also instinctively switch between firing modes with a single adaptive trigger and switch directly from sighting to secondary firing of their weapon.

Returnal will arrive exclusively on PlayStation 5 next March 19

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