As the pandemic will not be resolved anytime soon, the mask is the most important protection for human beings to have life outside their doors. Thus, some companies saw an opportunity to recreate this product by giving it futuristic yet usable features. As shown, the Razer gaming mask comes equipped with RGB lights and promises to filter 95% of air impurities.

Technology can do more for an accessory that helps us breathe more safely and quality to avoid spreading viruses and bacteria. The video shows how Razer thinks it is the best bet in this segment.

Razer mask image against COVID-19

Razer presents advanced mask at Project Hazel

It is true that Razer never disappoints when the idea is to have products with crazy design. Thus, the american company revealed a seriously smart face mask at CES 2021. In order to respond to what is happening in the world, this device, an advanced face mask, can win over young people and more.

COVID-19 is not yet under control, quite the contrary, and we see urgent measures by health authorities to relieve pressure in hospitals. Portugal will enter a new period of confinement and the measures tighten in order to save lives.

With this idea in mind, Razer, known for products designed for gamers, announced its entry into the hygiene and safety products market, with the Project Hazel line. Thus, an intelligent mask concept with some interesting features is available.

Smart and safe features

As can be seen in the video and described in the project presentation, this mask has interesting features, such as, for example, RGB lights. These LEDs, in addition to decorating the product, have an informative component. That is, the lights shine, and change color based on the current state of the filter inside the object. However, this feature can be turned off, for someone who wants something more discreet.

These LEDs are placed around the fans, which are on the side of the mask. These filters are used to purify the air that is inhaled and exhaled, making the mask safe for those who use it and for those who breathe the air that is cleaned by these filters.

These fans are also removable and rechargeable, although it has not been revealed for how long the full effectiveness will be guaranteed. In addition, there is a case for storing the mask and recharging the fans, and inside Razer has put a mechanism with ultraviolet lights to disinfect and kill any bacteria.

According to the technical description, the mask uses a respirator type N95 (FFP2), the same present in the mask of the same name used as part of personal protective equipment (PPE). According to Razer, this system is able to filter 95% of air particles.

More “humanization” in the use of masks

One of the aspects that was lost with the use of the mask was the expression of the face. Today we don't know if the person smiles, if he is sad, if he is worried or if, when speaking, his expressions convey some comfort or confidence. Nothing, the mask removed from the face one of the most important forms of communication in humans, facial expression.

Thus, Razer wants the face to be visible and the material used is produced in a recycled and transparent plastic, which is resistant to water and scratches. In addition, the company placed a microphone and amplifier inside to help spread the sound of the user's voice better.

According to those responsible, Project Hazel is still a product under development. So, if you are interested, know that there is no release date yet. However, the mask will already be in the testing phase to receive all the necessary certifications, as well as the company's quality seal.

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