The multinational Quidgest wants to reduce the deficit of qualified professionals in software engineering in Portugal and, therefore, will train 250 people in this area in 2021. The registration for courses already open.

The training of the software company based in Lisbon will focus on Genio, the platform for automatic code generation based on modeling and artificial intelligence. As for the total hours taught, participants can choose from level one (40 hours) to three (120 hours).

In a statement, Quidgest guarantees that level one already allows trainees to be “full stack developers”. With training, and thanks to the Genio platform, participants are able to develop software through modeling and not manual code, allowing them to be 100 times faster than ordinary programmers.

After the intensive course, trainees have three main job opportunities waiting for them: work for the various Quidgest business areas to develop technology or for one of the clients and partners of the Genio ecosystem, ranging from international consultants to public bodies, or develop their own businesses and rely on Quidgest support.

According to the company, it is not necessary to have prior training in the area of ​​technology to participate in training. Still, knowledge of database management and programming will facilitate the consolidation of knowledge. For participants who may be undecided about the training that best suits their profile, the company offers a Academy support form.

For Sara Inácio, Innovation Manager at Quidgest and responsible for the Quidgest Academy, the last few months have proved “the importance of companies having agile digital solutions and the relevance of requalifying people for more stable work areas”. In this context, he considers that this training comes to respond to several needs, further boosting “managers and aspiring entrepreneurs to create their own businesses and generate jobs”.

It should be recalled that in 2019 sales of Quidgest products and services grew by 35.2% compared to the previous year, with foreign markets such as Germany representing almost 50% of turnover. Regarding the people management area, the ERP SINGAP Web was the product that was highlighted throughout the year, having been selected in international competitions for Digital Transformation processes.

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