Moving from theory to practice is not always easy and the world of programming is no exception to the rule. If you have decided to take the extra time in confinement to devote yourself to learning a code language and are having some difficulty getting your hands on, there is an online platform that can help you.

Developed by Codementor, a company specialized in programming mentoring initiatives, DevProjects stands out for its more hands-on learning approach, providing multiple project ideas where you can test everything you have learned.

According to Codementor, the available projects were developed in partnership with experienced developers and mentors who are part of the company, focusing on some of the most common problems for those who start programming.

On the platform you will find projects in languages ​​such as HTML, Java, Python, Swift or React divided into three categories: web development, mobile applications and automation. You can, for example, create your own bot for Slack that alerts you to drink water, an app that gathers news from various websites or a web page with weather forecasts.

Even if you feel a little lost, or if you can’t find a solution to the challenges presented, you can always ask the community of programming enthusiasts for help. Are you an expert in the field? You can also give feedback to your colleagues and help them with their projects.

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