In December last year, a designer released a simple mockup on the web, presenting a new version of the PS5 with the “PS2 face”. The design had an incredible “retro feel” and ended up drawing the attention of all fans of the Sony console.

In fact, the publication’s success was so great that the person responsible for the art decided to prepare a limited amount of customized models, with the intention of selling them to interested parties. The idea had everything to work out, but the end result was a real disaster … let’s go to the details?

The sale of PS5 with a “PS2 face”

In order to enable the sale of 304 customized PS5 units, the designer created a website called and gave a lot of information about the product. The price charged would be around US $ 649 (the original console, with disk drive, costs US $ 499).

Well, the pre-sale started on January 6th and the great demand made the stock sell out in less than 20 minutes. However, from that point on, things started to get problematic.

To begin with, the web was taken over by reports of people claiming that the site’s payment system was in trouble and carried out transactions without final confirmation from buyers.

At the same time, some virtual auctions started to show this version of the PS5 as one of the available assets and the initial value of the product was around US $ 5,000, that is, the units had not even been shipped, how could they be auctioned off? ? The situation soon became chaotic …

The producers’ response …

Faced with all the problems and reports, the creators of the PS5 “with a PS2 face” decided to speak up. However, what drew attention was the mention of certain death threats …

“Last night, our team began to receive credible threats to their security,” read the message. “We take these threats seriously. We are not willing to risk the safety and well-being of our team, or the potential impact this would have on delivering your order. […] all existing orders will be canceled and fully refunded in the next few days. You will receive a notification when this happens ”.

Of course, the situation has sparked many complaints, with some people accusing the company of having committed fraud, even after promising that a new pre-sale would take place in late January.

Finally, SUP3R5 deleted its Twitter account and there was no further positioning by the company in relation to the matter, although the site remains on the air. Anyway, it is not yet known whether 304 lucky players will get their customized consoles, but history has already become a soap opera script. To the next…

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