Polish Gameparic studios will be busy in the near future. This is evaluated by the revelations of games in development, as is the case of this Project Wunderwaffe.

Project Wunderwaffe brings back the theme of World War II, but with a slightly different look. Come and see.

We are close to the end of the conflict and the Germans are trapped on their own ground. The Allies advance in the West and the Russians come from the East so there is no escape. German soldiers are demoralized and no longer remember what their last victory was.

Although, at that moment, Germany's power is a mere memory, some hopes remain and the player is asked to build a secret military base where he can develop and build weapons with a power never seen before. This is the mission.

Will we be able to turn things around?

Project Wunderwaffe will have a strong strategy component in terms of creating and managing our base and as such, the player will have to control all operational aspects of the facilities. And that goes, of course, for its expansion with new rooms, new warehouses and new infrastructures. Over time, our underground base will become self-sufficient and will become a true fortress.

The player's adventure in Project Wunderwaffe begins with the construction of a vast network of underground corridors, rooms, rooms and basic support facilities, such as electricity, cleaning and air recycling. However, in order to achieve the ultimate goal, the player will have to collect and wisely manage their resources, in order to build more sophisticated elements such as laboratories, operations centers, spy centers, test rooms, and many others more advanced installations“Said Marcin Wenus, Gameparic's CEO.

Project Wunderwaffe has no concrete release date yet and will be released on PC.

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