This is an announcement that seems to have been made on purpose, given the freezing temperatures of the past few days. Project Winter, the cooperative game (or not) from Other Ocean Interactive has already arrived on Xbox One.

But there are more surprises. Come and meet them.

Project Winter is a multiplayer game developed by the Canadian studios Other Ocean Interactive that became very popular from an early age. It is one of those multiplayer games that, due to its more social mechanics and that involve both trust and betrayal, both cooperation and selfishness, has become quite successful. All of this in the middle of a desperate struggle for survival ...

The announcement now made, indicates that the game, originally released in 2019 for PC, will soon reach Xbox consoles (allowing crossplay), the Windows 10 Store and millions of players via the Game Pass.

The player is part of a group of 8 characters who are trapped in the middle of a terrible snow and ice storm. With no way of communicating with the outside, the 8 characters are in an urgent situation, and fighting for their own survival.

It is necessary to work as a team in order to keep the flame of hope in salvation burning and to be able to complete several challenges that will make it possible to arrange a radio to call a rescue vehicle. However, there is something about Project Winter that doesn't fit all of this. There is a traitor who will do everything possible so that no one can be saved.

And this is where Project Winter acquires a larger dimension, as the climate of suspicion and paranoia increases.

Project Winter is a very innovative game that urges players to work as a team in order to survive“Says Ryan Hale of Other Ocean Interactive. “Individualist players who tend to run away risk hearing their cries for help in the void when they encounter problems.“.

Survivors will have to face all the challenges that cold, ice and wild animals bring, so they will have to deal with traitors who will deceive, sabotage and even commit murder in their selfish efforts to escape.

Xbox players preparing to join the game will have full access to the game, just like PC players do, including chat, emotes and voice channels.

Project Winter is now available on Steam and will arrive on Xbox consoles and the Windows 10 Store on January 26. Around that time it will also be available for download on the Xbox Game Pass.

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