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To continue this rubric, we chose a few more questions that were received in the official email from Consultório Pplware.

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Does this laptop fit Sims 4?

Good pplware,

First of all congratulations on the fantastic job. I've been following for a long time and it is always a pleasure to see your tips and advice.

I write to ask a question. I am thinking of buying a portable pc without spending a lot. Right now I have this in mind:

INSYS MX-N141G Laptop (14.1 ”- Intel Celeron N4100 - RAM: 8 GB - 64 GB eMMC + 240 GB SSD - Intel UHD Graphics 600) - -portable / portable-insys-mx-n141g-14-1-intel-celeron-n4100-ram-8-gb-64-gb-emmc-240-gb-ssd-intel-uhd-graphics-600-7292657.

Is it compatible with Sims 4? It will basically be for that game and to see some movies and series.

Thanks again and best wishes for a good year 🙂

Diogo Alves



From what can be seen on the EA Games website, you will hardly be able to use Sims 4 on this laptop.

Despite having some components that meet the minimum requirement for this game, there are some essentials that fall short of what was expected.

The main one is even the CPU, where at least one Intel Core 2 Duo is required to be present. Since what is present is an Intel Celeron N4100, it will be impossible.

Also at the level of the graphics card there could be some problems, which would be solved by lowering the game's settings.

We leave on this link the specifications that EA Games sets for Sims 4, so that you can choose a machine adapted to the game.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

Should I install these Windows 10 updates or not?

Good afternoon and Happy New Year with lots of health

I have an HP Specter x360 Convertible notebook PC with an Intel 6th generation processor.

The following optional updates appear to me.

Given the date of the updates, are they really updates? Does it make sense to install them?

In advance thankful for your opinion.

Fernando Tavares



As mentioned, these are optional updates, but the truth is that the most important information is not highlighted.

I refer to the phrase in smaller letters: "If you have a specific problem, one of these controllers can help". The low emphasis in this sentence, for the most distracted, may lead to these controllers being inadvertently updated, without actually having the intention to do so.

These are older versions of controllers considered to be very relevant to the system, which can be quite useful in case a newer controller has a compatibility or stability problem.

In short, if all is well, optional updates are simply to ignore.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

Do you think I should subscribe to this security service?


NOS offers a security service for 5 €, I have a restaurant and it seems that this service can be used to protect my clients from sites with viruses.

Can you help to see if the service is worth it?




The Internet is full of pitfalls, it is a fact, and its customers are valued to the point of offering them a protected Internet service to make browsing safer, without a doubt this service will be worth it.

NOS here has, of course, only an intermediary role, where the service is provided and supported by Cisco, a very prestigious company in this area.

For the same purpose, there is also a well-known service called OpenDNS which, imagine, was acquired by Cisco in 2015. Therefore, you can count on the quality of OpenDNS in this service provided by NOS. Taking into account the purpose you want, the price of 5 € / month is very competitive.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

How to recover my Finance password?

Good morning, it's actually a request for help:

I can't find the password to enter the Finance portal. (The old one won't do. Is it because I renewed the CC?)

When I request a new password, they ask me for the “secret question”, which I forgot.

What to do? I have to authenticate e-invoices.


Carmo Faro



The solution is not complicated, but it is barely visible on the finance website. You can still use it in your case.

From what we are told, you should send an e-mail, through the same e-mail address that was registered in the AT register, which is associated with your tax number, to: [email protected]

The subject must include: Canceling the TIN password _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

In the body of the email you must indicate:

TIN: Full Name: Fiscal Domicile:

After receiving confirmation by e-mail that the password has been canceled, you must proceed with the new registration on the Finance Portal, through the option: Register and wait for the new password, which will be sent to your current tax address , through CTT, within an average period of 5 working days.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

I have problems with the iOS Calendar app, what to do?

Good afternoon

Since the last update, I am not able to insert any new events in my iPhone calendar, when I press the start time of the event the application closes.

The same is true with the tlm of an acquaintance. Only he doesn't use the calendar.

I await reply


Rui Silva



We have been evaluating this issue on several iPhone models, all with the same version of iOS and we have not been able to simulate this situation.

Therefore, we recommend that you review your iPhone settings and try to find a problem.

You can also reset iOS, making a natural backup of all data in advance.

After that, you will have to reset all the data, so that the iPhone will be ready for use again, probably without the problem that you now report.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

Do you know if there is an app for us to know who calls us?

Android Google phone spam calls

Good afternoon

I wonder if there is a possibility to inform me if there is an app for us to know who calls us?

Is it possible to help me?

Type of caller ID, which is reliable.

Thank you

Susana Durao



Yes, this app exists and has a very interesting community, but it works in a controversial way. I already explain the reason.

The app that lets you know who is calling, even if you don't have the contact recorded on your smartphone, is called, and you can install it for free from the app store:

Once installed, as soon as you receive a call (and as long as you have Internet), various information associated with the contact will appear on the screen, including whether it is a sales service ... but of course, that contact will have to be part of the service's database. .

The controversial issue is raised by the way the database is fed. When installing the app and consenting to its use, you need to allow access to your contacts ... contacts that will be sent to that service to make it grow and have greater coverage. There is a privacy issue here, as we are providing contacts without asking the holders for authorization. It is something that is up to each one.

This subject has already been addressed in the following article:

It will be up to you to decide whether or not to use the service. I can already inform you that whoever contacts the service in order to request the removal of personal information, even if the data is sent again by someone, will never appear in the database again. Therefore, it is not only a request for removal but also for future non-inclusion.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

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