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To continue this rubric, we chose a few more questions that were received in the official email from Consultório Pplware.

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How to get Linux Mint XFCE to run on a TECLAST Tbook 11?

Good afternoon friends,

A few years ago, I bought a hybrid Tablet, TECLAST Tbook 11, with its original keyboard.

As you know, this device came with Android 5 and Windows 10 Home.

The features were good and continue to be generous for the type of equipment, however Android together with MSW10 began to limit the action it intended.

It is a lightweight and very functional device. I decided to format it and install only windows.

I currently have (for work and leisure) 7 computers (Desktop, Laptop and this hybrid), of which I have been changing the OS.

One of the desktop running XPenology, another Windows for Backup of resources, 2 Laptop with Linux Mint XFCE, another (I7 8GbRAM) with W10 Pro and this TECLAST with W10Home.

The question I ask is whether this Teclast will also be able to run Linux Mint XFCE due to the drivers needed for touchscreen and not only.

As loading windows takes time on this equipment, despite having 4Gb of RAM and 40Gb of ROM, I would like to be able to clarify and give an opinion.

From now on, my thanks for the good work you have been doing on this information model.

M. Best regards / Best Regards

Pedro Oliveira



In fact, due to the low popularity of TECLAST Tbook 11, there is no ready-to-use set of drivers for that model. Apart from the most usual drivers, which are practically generic and installed automatically, there are some more specific ones that are not part of the automatic installation, as may be the case with bluetooth or touchscreen.

There are indications that a driver for ArchLinux may work on the operating system you want. In fact, the fact of being from different distros also raises some questions for me, but, having no way of testing, I leave you the recommendation in case you want to try:

As for bluetooth drivers, they will also not be available and there does not seem to be an alternative. You should really keep this feature out of operation, unless you try to install a driver suitable for other models with the same processor or bluetooth controller.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

I get strange links on Messenger! Are they viruses?

Good evening.
I have received some messages here on the messenger with a suspicious link, which usually has the name of the person associated with it.

I suspect it's a virus, but I didn't load it for fear of infecting my device.

Do you know anything about this?

Vanessa Moreira



This is a relatively popular scheme for chat services. As the degree of trust between friends / acquaintances is high, it is highly likely (unless the recipient is cautious) that the link will be clicked.

Therefore, using a scheme that was implemented previously, which is the access or control ability to send messages from someone's account, automatic messages are then sent to all contacts. These messages generally have links for the purpose of propagating malicious services or phishing scams (appropriation of personal data by deception).

So you proceeded exactly as you should: do not click on strange links. What should be done, is to alert that contact to the fact that your account is being controlled by malicious third parties.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

Can you help me with my Arduino project?

Good morning, I saw this article about arduino and esp8266

which showed that we would have to remove the microcontroller present in the arduino.

However, my arduino has a soldered microcontroller.

Does using the esp8266 sensor without removing the microcontroller make any difference or does it still work?

Gonçalo Costa



In this article, it is stated that the microcontroller must be removed for the ESP8266 to work correctly.

The idea here is, as mentioned, to use the Arduino only as a power supply for the ESP8266, ensuring its operation.

However, and as is also referred to in the same article, there is a second possibility that you should use in this case where it is impossible to remove the microcontroller.

We talk about putting the “Arduino in Reset”, so that it is not performing any function. We leave as an example a simple way to do this, through from this link. Simply connect the 2 pins and load the existing programming.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

Do you know if it is possible to open the ports of this router?

good nights, is it possible to open the ports of this router?

I send images below to help you solve my problem.





Yes, it is possible to open ports on this router, the so-called NOS GigaRouter.

To do this, you can use either the web interface or the mobile app. To use the web interface, visit the following page and log in using your client account credentials:

Once the login is complete, you just need to go to Settings> Advanced settings> Port forwarding> Create new rule. Then just select the network equipment for which the rule will be applied, and then choose a predefined service or set the IP / port manually.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

Which headphones do you think I should choose?


Not considering the price, which are the best ANC Headphones: SENNHEISER HD458BT or ANKER SOUNDCORE LIFE Q30?

Mariana Correia



The two proposals you put on the question are at the top of what this price range can offer.

There are two proposals that are very close in terms of performance that it is almost impossible to choose one or the other.

Thus, and given its proximity, what we recommend is that you test each other, to see which one you feel most comfortable with and least disturb to be used.

There is yet another factor, which depends only on you and that is the aesthetic part. Again they are not very different, but they have details that distinguish them and that depend only on the user.

In short, we returned the choice to Mariana, because they are so similar models and with very similar characteristics.

In the end, it seems that it will boil down to those that seem most comfortable and that are most attractive.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

How do I upgrade my Huawei P40 Pro to EMUI 11?

Hi Pplware,

I have read that Huawei will already be launching the update for EMUI 11 on their smartphones. Having a P40 Pro, I would like to know if I can already have this version.

Can you explain to me how to update? Is this the version that brings Android 11?

Armando Canas



The update from EMUI 11 to P40 Pro should be available now. You just need to check if it is already accessible and install it on your Huawei smartphone. This is always a simple process.

You just need to make sure you have the version available and ready to install. To do this, you must open the Android settings and then scroll down to the end of the options, choosing the call System and updates. Then choose Software Update and at the end you just need to let the search for updates finish.

If the new version is present, you can install it immediately, just follow the instructions on the smartphone screen. At the end of the process, EMUI 11 will be installed and ready to be used.

As for the Android version, this will still be Android 10, but with all the news that Huawei has created for its smartphones. Soon, and as a novelty, you will see HarmonyOS and its improvements that will be placed in this new system.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

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