In 2020, 30% of Portuguese people admit doing their Christmas shopping exclusively online, while in 2019 this figure was 6.1%. The conclusion is from a study carried out by the Portuguese Institute of Marketing Administration (IPAM) on the habits of the Portuguese in the face of Christmas shopping that points to marked changes in consumer behavior.

Despite the notorious changes in relation to the shopping channel, the truth is that when it comes to spending, the values ​​do not change much. The Portuguese expect to spend, on average, 374 euros on Christmas shopping, not much different when compared to 385 euros in 2019.

With regard to the products to buy, for children up to 12 years old the preferred gifts are toys (48%), followed by clothes and shoes (20%) and books (8%). For teenagers, between 12 and 18 years old, the choices fall on clothes or shoes (32.1%), electronic games (16%) and accessories (8%). For adults, the most chosen option for Christmas gifts are also clothes and shoes (30%), followed by accessories (21%) and books (16%).

As for the place to shop, the number of respondents who choose shopping centers (20%) is higher than those who choose shopping centers and high street stores (10%). Notorious is a “profound change in places of purchase” due to the pandemic, with 30% of respondents saying that they will exclusively make purchases online.

The IPAM study also concluded that 63% of respondents make purchases during the month of December. Those who buy in advance do so to avoid the concentration of people and ensure the delivery of products purchased online.

Conducted for the 12th consecutive year, the investigation also reveals that in an atypical year like 2020, the perception of the Portuguese population about Christmas is, above all, negative. On the other hand, the pandemic has also given rise to “the most distinct results in the last 10 years”, explains IPAM.

The analysis of the study took place between November 27 and December 9, 2020, with a sample composed of 470 people, over 18 years old. All inquiries were carried out exclusively online.

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