“For Portugal to reach a level of investment of 3% of the Gross Domestic Product in research by 2030 implies doubling public expenditure and multiplying private spending by 3.5 times, by 2030, which is equivalent to having to create around 25 thousand jobs qualified until 2030 in the private sector, that is, about two thousand per year “, stated Manuel Heitor, at the end of the meeting.

The Minister of Science and Higher Education outlined four challenges for higher education in the coming years, the first of which involves extending to “more vulnerable groups”, to circumvent the problem of demographic decline and reach 2030 with “six out of 10 young people “to attend higher education.

In this sense, it is necessary to “diversify the offer and specialize it” in interaction with the research centers and with the labor market and the needs of job creation.

Addressing the polytechnics, he stressed that these institutions “must continue the process” of investing in professional courses that they have been taking, attracting 400 thousand students today, targeting them in the future also to people already inserted in the labor market.

The fourth challenge is to better position higher education institutions at European level, strengthening the networks of European higher education institutions and creating management models based on European consortia, which facilitate, for example, the recruitment of teachers and research together.

At the meeting, the chairman of the Coordinating Council of the Higher Polytechnic Institutes, Pedro Dominguinhos, considered that the next community framework should reinforce the funding for higher professional courses at the polytechnic institutes, “essential for the development of the regions” where they are inserted.

The official stressed that the goal was to reach 2020 with 20 thousand students attending these courses and “was surpassed”, with 36 thousand students.

However, he warned, “there are regions where this supply is deficient”, giving the example of the Lisbon region.

The National Meeting of Polytechnic 2020 was organized by the National Federation of Higher Education Polytechnic Student Associations, in partnership with the Coordinating Council of the Higher Polytechnic Institutes.


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