Watch what happens on Facebook! New Year’s Eve is usually a time of great celebration! However, this year, in the face of the pandemic, everything will have to be different. Even so, there are those who risk and fall into the temptation to make or participate in parties with many people.

Some of these “events” are being combined on social networks, especially on Facebook, but the police are watching!

New Year: Police keep an eye on Facebook to prevent illegal parties

Private Facebook groups used for party registration…

Social networks are a space for everything and anything. Despite the various restrictions that are set for this new year, because of the pandemic, there are many people who want to “get around” the limitations and there are also several offers. According to Expresso, there are private New Year's parties combined in groups on Facebook and others organized by communities and hotels.

“I rent a country-style lounge for a private party on 12/31 and 1/1”, “Best New Year's Eve ever in Braga. Only real bagaceiros and bagaceiras can be present ”or“ Private New Year's Eve in Guimarães ”, are some of the information available for those who want to have a“ different ”New Year's Eve. Facebook groups are closed and you can only enter with an invitation. To know more information, only through private messages.

New Year: Police keep an eye on Facebook to prevent illegal parties

According to a PSP source, “It is difficult for an investigator to reach the organizers of these parties because the logic of word-of-mouth works there”. According to the same source, in addition to private parties, the authorities also detected revéillons organized by collectives, including musicians and even DJs, in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve. In these cases, invitations are made in public spaces on Facebook, which facilitates their detection by the police.

In addition to monitoring social networks, GNR and PSP will also be on road operations that aim to prevent travel between municipalities between 11 pm on the 31st and 5 am on the 4th of January.

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