New Year, New Games in the Playstation Now catalog and it is already known which games will add to the list of available titles, for those who have a subscription to the service.

Come and see the reinforcements of the first month of the year 2021.

The games that were added in January to the Playstation streaming service catalog, Playstation Now, were released.

These three titles, which are already available, thus join the catalog of the PlayStation video game streaming service by subscription and can be played either on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 or on a Windows PC with a DualShock 4 such like the remaining 700 titles already available on PS4, PS3 or PS2, which include bestsellers, PlayStation exclusives, adventures for the whole family and independent games.

The Crew 2

This month, The Crew 2 arrives on PlayStation Now. This means that, starting today, and until next July 5th, players will be able to enter the world of American motorsports while exploring and dominating land, sea and the sea. US air in one of the most exciting open worlds ever.

With lots of exotic cars, motorbikes, boats and planes to choose from, you will experience all the emotions and adrenaline of competition across the USA as you test yourself with various driving disciplines.

Surviving Mars

In Surviving Mars, the player must begin the process of colonizing the Red Planet.

In addition to having to build a sustainable colony, players will also have to take into account that each settler is unique, with strengths and weaknesses that influence everything else, and that Surviving Mars includes mysterious science fiction secrets that can be both good, as bad.

Frostpunk: Console Edition

Frostpunk is an excellent alternative for those who like city building games with a survival environment. Enjoy, therefore, arrived at Playstation Now.

The game features an alternative version of the 19th century industrial revolution, with a complex strategic challenge and a narrative full of possibilities that will tell players how our planet mysteriously froze and ended civilization as we know it, forcing humanity to adapt. the most hostile conditions.

What do you think? Are these good acquisitions?

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