The digital edition of CES 2021 will only start next week, but many manufacturers have started to lift the veil of the novelties present in the event dedicated to consumer technology. The new television models are a constant every year, leading manufacturers to refresh their lines with new technological achievements. This year, the trend seems to be the MiniLED of OLED screens, but there is an aspect that seems to be transversal in different companies: the focus on gaming.

Considering the launch of new generation consoles, capable of delivering graphics at 8K, HDR10 + and 120 FPS, the ball passes to the side of televisions that need requirements to pull the most out of the gaming machines. The need to offer refresh rates at 120 Hz is already mandatory for those looking for a high-end model to enjoy games in detail and maximum fluidity. And Samsung, LG and Sony have already unveiled their model proposals with different optimizations for gaming and smarter processors.

Panasonic is the latest manufacturer to reveal its top of the range, the OLED model JZ2000. And again, this can be an interesting choice for anyone who has a PS5 or Xbox Series X by offering a new HXC Pro AI processor that aims to improve the image and improve the performance of video games thanks to its gaming mode.

One of the features of the model’s Game Mode Extreme is the low latency of the image, which reduces input lag when playing. Furthermore, it supports HDMI 2.1 with variable framerate and high frame rate, that is, it will allow games to run at the maximum FPS for which they were programmed. It also contains a special image mode for gaming (game mode), which the manufacturer guarantees makes the experience smoother and more fluid, pointing the model to both professional and casual players.

Panasonic claims that the 4K OLED screen offers very low latency in addition to the hardware, with a characterization made by its engineers. In addition, it uses artificial intelligence, like other brands, to improve image quality, especially with regard to content upscalling. Not only is the image optimized, but the sound of your speakers supported by Dolby Atmos. The sound was optimized by Technics and offers audio in 360 degrees, offering users a greater immersion of positioning, whether watching movies or sporting events, in addition to video games.

For now there is no price information or release dates, but two models are expected to arrive on the market, 55 and 65 inches.

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