Since the Square Enix and the People Can Fly presented the promising Outriders, many players became very anxious and included this title as one of the most important launches in the first quarter of 2021.

However, the companies responsible for the game decided that the game will not be properly polished until February and decided to announce a postponement. So, players will have to wait until the second quarter to be able to access this game so promising … let’s go to the details?

Outriders will be released on April 1st


Anyone who is following the development of Outriders carefully should know very well that the game was scheduled to be released on February 2nd. However, as I highlighted, this will not happen anymore.

According to a statement released by Square Enix, the launch of the title will be postponed until April 1st and the justifications were two: the additional time will be essential for polishing the game and the game needs to be tested in advance by the players.

Logically, this second justification is the one that draws the most attention. In this case, Square pointed out that Outriders is a complex game, which must be tested by everyone before purchase. And this test will be done through a demo version.

That is, the postponement will also give time for the introduction of this demo, which will be released on February 25th. With that, players will be able to evaluate the game and analyze whether the investment will be worth it or not.

In short, one of the biggest debuts of the first quarter of 2021 has been moved to the second quarter, but players will have the opportunity to check the opening moments of the game on February 25th. So, if you were waiting for Outriders you will have to wait a little longer, but you can test everything before closing any purchase. To the next…

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