OPPO is growing and sustaining its position in the market, which is increasingly closer to the leadership. In recent months we have seen the company launching excellent smartphones in its various ranges, evolving in charging technologies and presenting concepts that reveal its interest in folding and sliding smartphones.

There is now one more of these concepts available that will have been designed by American stylist Tom Ford.

OPPO X Tom Ford, a new smartphone concept with sliding screen

The OPPO X 2021 was presented as a prototype in mid-November and, since then, stood out for its sliding concept and even for the resistance tests which confirmed the quality of construction achieved by OPPO.

But this will not be the brand's only project for next year. There will be several folding and sliding smartphones. A few days ago the company revealed a “tripartite” smartphone that could be a user with different folds for different functions. Users could enjoy a smartphone with a large screen, but with greater portability. In fact, a device that is suitable in terms of size and functionality for various occasions.

OPPO X Tom Ford

It was through the information channel LetsGoDigital that OPPO X Tom Ford was introduced. The product would be based on the sliding concept of the OPPO X 2021, but instead of sliding sideways, the screen would open upwards. In addition, we would be facing a piece designed by the famous stylist Tom Ford.

The drawings we show were designed by LGD after they discovered information would lead to something like this.

The construction will have leather as a material and a fabric in wood veneer, in addition to three chambers in a single main module.

On the sides, elements such as buttons and card slots are visible and no part of the screen is visible on the screen. There is no more information. There is only the certainty that OPPO will distinguish itself further in the market in this new year of 2021.

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