By Tiago Gonçalves

The past few months have shown us that digital transformation is increasingly fundamental for companies that want to subsist on this so-called ‘new normal’. If before the Covid-19 pandemic crisis there was talk of how the digitalization of companies was important for them to become increasingly modern, sustainable and able to differentiate themselves in the face of competition, the unpredictability of this crisis further reinforced the importance of technology for organizations and society in general.

Everything has changed to digital. People work from home, shop from home, meet friends and family from each home … All of this is possible from home. But without direct and personal contact with customers, how can companies be close to their audience and build a relationship? If we are all at home, how can companies grow and succeed in 2021? We go back to the beginning: everything has changed to digital, and companies have to be there too.

This need for companies to remain productive, profitable and sustainable, while seeking to build a totally different relationship with their customers, is only possible with the use of technology. Having greater and better control over all sales processes, having access to all product and customer information with just one click, increasing the productivity and connectivity of teams that are geographically dispersed by the imposition of teleworking … all this is only possible with technology. Surviving and growing in 2021 is possible using technologies that help companies to ensure that all steps of a sales process are fulfilled, by ensuring that the right opportunities are not missed, by allowing them to meet customers often without even having them seen once, and all this regardless of where and how each actor is.

Innowave is managing to do so, and has also embarked on a transformation process, in partnership with Salesforce. Today, we use tools that allow us to ensure that we have a better qualification of opportunities and that the proposals sent to our clients are 100% aligned with the company’s rules and methodologies, and with the specific needs of the client. In this sense, we can clearly state that the existence of a better sales tool translates into an increase in them. A digital transformation that will allow us to survive and grow in 2021.

Redefining goals and achieving them in times of a pandemic is not an easy challenge. I believe that it is all part of a continuous process of trial and error, but with the certainty that technology is a fundamental engine for us to be able to readjust to reality and to be successful, more efficient and to meet the expectations of all stakeholders. stakeholders that involve us.

The digital transformation of a company is not done in a couple of days, there are continuous integration processes, it is necessary to analyze in the medium and long term what the impact of the tools that are being implemented by organizations, and how these same tools are integrated with other existing systems. Only then can we progressively improve and ensure that the adoption of a digital transformation strategy, to improve customer relationship practices, translates into something positive and effective for the sustainability of a company, and so that it can survive and grow in 2021 and for many more years to come.

Innowave CEO

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