The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic in Japan has led to a third new state of emergency, forcing the closure of activities in several cities in the country. Osaka is the city where the largest park dedicated to the Nintendo universe was built, but it is one of the regions currently most affected by the new coronavirus. In this sense, security entities are taking security measures in view of the growing number of infected people, which will force a new postponement of Super Nintendo World.

After the first postponement of the opening, in the summer of last year, the theme park was scheduled to open next February 4th. At declaration from Universal Studios Japan, the new postponement now has an indefinite date, which will be announced after the lifting of the state of emergency.

The organization also states that visitors who planned to visit the park and had pre-purchased tickets can access the website to find out how to proceed.

See in the gallery some photos of the Super Nintendo World

The park had plans to open at an early stage with a maximum capacity of 50% of its capacity, in breach of safety rules imposed by the Japanese government. Universal Studios and Nintendo invested $ 580 million to bring the entire Super Mario universe and other Nintendo characters to the real world. The park had already opened, in the form of teasing, a themed café and a merchandising store dedicated to Super Mario Bros.

The theme park will have attractions, shops and various activities involving Mario, Luigi, Peach, Bowser and many other characters. But the headliner is the roller coaster inspired by Mario Kart, which invites visitors to sit down, put on augmented reality glasses, in the shape of Mario’s hat, simulating the track of Bowser’s castle.

The cars, or rather, karts, have steering wheels, and are grouped in two rows, as if competing with each other, but the experience will be “on rails”, that is, visitors have no control over the “vehicle”. However, there is always the element of surprise for those who win the “race”, popular traps and power-up items are sent, making each use of the attraction a different experience for visitors.

For now, you can contemplate the photos of the visit of Shigeru Miyamoto, creator of Super Mario and one of the mentors of this project. You can see the shops and some themed meals. See in the video some of the attractions.

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