It’s official. OnePlus revealed that it is preparing a wearable. Through one of its Twitter accounts, the technology gave a first glimpse of the device and confirmed that it will be called OnePlus Band. The company adds that the device will help users “achieve their fitness goals and make their lives easier”.

OnePlus suggested that the device will be able to monitor users’ sleep and the page to which the tweet redirects indicates that it will also have a heart rate sensor.

The technical details have not yet been made official by the brand, but Ishan Agarwal advances a few, albeit unofficially. According to the leaker, the OnePlus Band will have a sensor capable of monitoring the levels of oxygen in the blood, as well as the heart rate, permanently; a sensor to monitor sleep quality and an exercise program with 13 different modes. On the bracelet, we will be able to find a 1.1-inch OLED display, a battery with 14 days of autonomy and an insulation that gives it certified water resistance. The wearable should reach the market with a price of around 35 dollars.

Although the image published by OnePlus does not reveal much of what this bracelet will be, a recent leak allows us to see a little more than what the official photo shows. In it we can see a wearable of rectangular screen, incorporated in a rubber strap that very similar to models of other brands.

It should be recalled that OnerPlus has long since ceased to be just a smartphone brand. Although mobile phones remain its core business, the company already has other devices in its portfolio, such as televisions and headsets. In 2020, the technology even admitted that part of its plans for the future consists of expanding its offer to other segments of the consumer electronics market, and we should even get to know the brand’s first smartwatch later this year.

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