it is already a given that OnePlus will launch a set of devices that include a smartband and a smartwatch. Evidence has accumulated in recent weeks, and has even been confirmed by the company more than once.

OnePlus has now taken an important step towards the arrival of its smartband and is preparing to present it to the world. It will already be on the 11th of January that this novelty will be made known, with all its capabilities.

OnePlus smartband wearables image presented

There is a new smartband coming on the market

It is expected with great curiosity about what OnePlus has prepared in the field of wearables. The brand has risked in new areas, with success, and it is known that we will soon have a smartband and a smartwatch on the way to the market.

The brand recently showed a very appealing image that confirmed what is being prepared. It is clearly a smartband, but it was supported and confirmed with the arrival of several images of what will be presented within days.

OnePlus news presented on January 11

That same image has now been published again, on the Instagram account of OnePlus India, with the date on which the smartband will be presented. It is already next Monday, the 11th, at 111: 00 IST (05:30 in Lisbon).

Before this obvious confirmation, OnePlus had already given another proof that it would have something to arrive very soon. This was done by Play Store publishing from the OnePlus Health app, which was created to manage all the wearables of the brand and to record their data.

OnePlus smartband wearables image presented

Control of wearables in this app

The description is still very short, but the published images show that it can still be used to change the watch faces of the smartband. Despite being published, this app cannot yet be installed by any user.

The presentation of the OnePlus smartband is thus confirmed and guaranteed. Monday, at the beginning of the day, will certainly be revealed all the information and what the brand has prepared for this new area. The arrival at the market and the price will be one of the important information that many will want to know soon.

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