The market for smartwatches and smartbands is increasingly attractive to brands that normally work with smartphones. These complement and integrate in a natural way, providing information and sharing data.

OnePlus should be the next to arrive with a proposal, which will mainly have a very specific target. It wants to compete with Xiaomi and Mi Band 5, both in terms of features and the price at which it will be sold.

OnePlus smartband Xiaomi Mi Band smartwatch

A new OnePlus smartband on the way

It is already certain that OnePlus will present in 2021 a smartwatch, based on Google's Wear OS. The news was presented a few days ago and came from a more than reliable source, the company's CEO, Pete Lau, who announced it in a publication you did on Twitter.

But now there is new information, coming from inside the company, that reveals new plans for OnePlus. The Chinese company will be preparing a surprise soon and will arrive before its smartwatch. We talk about a smartband, dedicated to fitness.

Price and hardware similar to Xiaomi's Mi Band 5

This will be very similar to what Xiaomi has in its Mi Band 5, with the main features. We talk about water protection, AMOLED screen, sensors of various types and a battery that will last for several days. A similar point will also be the price.

OnePlus smartband Xiaomi Mi Band smartwatch

According to what is known, this watch will reach the market with a value of around 40 dollars (32 euros), to compete directly in this aggressive market. It should initially be launched in India, to be evaluated and later extended to other markets.

It is expected to arrive before the Chinese brand smartwatch

There are, of course, no dates or forecasts for the arrival of this new smartband to the market. However, it should be presented before the brand's smartwatch, taking the pulse to the market and what OnePlus has to offer in this area, where it will venture now.

With this proposal, OnePlus seems to be following a path similar to that of Xiaomi. After betting on more affordable smartphones like Nord, he will soon bet on accessible gadgets and devices, but with features that appeal to all users.

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