Over time, smartphones lose their capabilities and become obsolete. This is, unfortunately, a normal process that leads to these accumulating and cannot be used in other functions or tasks, in a normal and direct way.

Samsung is aware of this problem and therefore created the Galaxy Upcycling at Home program, which allows recycling these smartphones for new tasks. It will arrive in the form of an update and give new life to all older equipment.

Samsung Galaxy Upcycling smartphone devices recycle

Samsung wants to recycle smartphones

It was at the recent event that promoted at CES 2021 that Samsung revealed a novelty for your Galaxy line smartphones. Contrary to what is normal, this is not dedicated to the latest smartphones, but to the older ones, which many do not even use.

With the Galaxy Upcycling at Home program, the Korean brand wants to give a new life to all these smartphones. He understands that he can give them new features and turn them into IoT devices, which take on new functions, in increasingly important areas.

Galaxy Upcycling at Home is the new possibility

Despite having many possibilities, Samsung focused on 2 or 3 features within the home. We initially talked about the possibility of these smartphones being used as baby monitors, detecting crying and then communicating to other devices.

Another area, similar in operation, is the monitoring of pets. Once again using sound identification, which uses AI to understand what is being asked, owners can monitor their pets.

Samsung Galaxy Upcycling smartphone devices recycle

A new life for these Samsung devices

Finally, and just as another example to be used for Galaxy Upcycling at Home, it is in helping home automation. These smartphones can be used as light detectors so that they can control the lighting of a home or space.

It is not yet known when this update will arrive or what devices it is aimed at. It is a smart way for Samsung to renew and recycle a vast number of devices that would otherwise end up in the trash. Thus, it manages to reduce the ecological footprint by giving a new life to these devices that are still capable of being used.

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