It was recently revealed the imminent arrival of Ocean’s Heart, a retro action game that could be a pleasant surprise for those who like the genre.

Come to Ocean’s Heart.

Developed by Max Mraz Studios (creators of Yarntown, a game also very similar to the first Zelda ones), Ocean's Heart is a retro title that promises hours of exploration, role-playing, hidden secrets and treasures and frantic encounters.

Ocean's Heart is an action RPG set in a world full of magic. The player controls Tilia, a small girl whose father was abducted by the evil pirate Blackbeard.

As expected, Tilia takes the player on a quest full of dangers and pitfalls to save his father. Your path takes you through wild territories, while uncovering pirate conspiracies.

The player will have at his disposal the possibility of creating potions, with items that will be picked up throughout the game. In addition, it will also be possible to upgrade our weapons and equipment, in addition to increasing our own skills.

And that will be important, as according to Max Mrazm there will be plenty of extremely demanding confrontations with bosses and dungeons that are quite complicated to complete.

Ocean's Heart borrows some inspiration from games like Zelda, Hollow Knight, The Witcher, and even Dark Souls, in order to create an action RPG full of adventure and excitement”Said Artūras Surgutanovas, head of Nordcurrent publishing house. “The game will feature tons of side-quests and hidden secrets, and an engaging story filled with good times of humor, making Ocean's Heart a deep, entertaining and challenging experience that will make players both laugh and despair."

Ocean's Heart will be released on January 21 for PC.

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