Pearl Abyss adds a new heroine, the former princess of Calpheon, Nova, to the Black Desert on PC, console and mobile. This is the first release of simultaneous content on all platforms in the history of Black Desert.

She wields a divine shield and an icy morning star to attack in battle, crushing her opponents with frozen shards.

The Guard of Thornwood, spirits who have their divine Quoratum shield, defends it from their enemies and advances into battle at any moment.

“Nova” in the Black Desert!

Nova comes equipped with skills worthy of royalty in Black Desert on PC and console:

  • Bitter Reign throws the Nova Morning Star in front of her to crush her enemies.
  • Mauling Star wildly swings the Morning Star and combines the attack with a secondary blow with the Quoratum shield for a crushing blow.
  • Command: Passed Pawn summons the dark soldiers contained in the Quoratum, protecting Nova and forcing its enemies to face threats from various enemies.
  • Storming Star attracts icy energy to your Morning Star and then releases a barrage of relentless ice on surrounding enemies.
  • Icy Thorns uses the Morning Star to catapult enemies into the sky and pierce them with sharp spines of ice from below.
  • Winter Testudo creates an ice barricade in front of Nova, supported by spiritual guards to form a robust defensive square around it, blocking enemy attacks.
  • Command: Blooming Icy Thorns summons gigantic spines of ice, shattering Nova’s enemies.
  • Icy Prison it gathers the icy cold of the Morning Star and entangles those within Nova’s domain, holding them in place for devastating attacks – and directs all the spirit guards present to immediately launch its own frontal attack.

Players on all platforms will receive rewards to celebrate the launch of Nova.

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